About Us

Passionate about hemp and hemp-derived products

A Green Future

Hemp, and cannabis in general has been for too long demonized as a bane to society when ironically nothing could be more opposite. 

We support peoples right to explore the benefits of hemp derived products, from textiles to tinctures.

 Hemp has so much to offer in terms of business as well, from commercial cultivation to processing/extraction to wholesale, retail and everything in between. 

We are for the farmers, the lab technicians, the manufacturers, the retailers, and the consumers. We want everyone to be able to partake in this great new Green Economy. 


Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide free, clear, actionable insight into what it takes to start a cannabidiol business and how to grow that business in a every increasingly competitive landscape. 

It is our vision to help enable the hemp and legal cannabis entrepreneurs of tomorrow, to help them achieve their dreams of being successful business owners, spreading the good word of this magnificent plant and employing thousands of Americans at the same time. 

Our Story

We are a team of cannabis enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, digital marketing experts and designers. We work remotely, distributed across 4 continents. We all share a common vision and passion for hemp and cannabis. We work to research, compile, and share only the most current, up-to-date information to help you achieve your business goals.

Meet our team

Chief of Greenovation

Business Analyst & spreadsheet guru

Government Affairs and regulatory titan

Developer extrodinaire